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Schengen Visa – Travel 15 European Countries With Single Schengen Visa

Schengen-Visit-Visa-for-Eu-NationWhat is Schengen Visa?

If you are planning to travel more than one country in Europe. Then, Schengen Visa helps you travel easily, simplifying your itinerary schedule.

With this Schengen Visa you can easily travel to countries of Europe, as like you travel in your countries different states. This Visa permits you travel in all European countries by all means of transport (Airways, roadways and Train)

Schengen is the name of a wine growing village that is the border point of France, Germany and Luxembourg. Schengen agreement includes about 15 countries in Europe.  Austria, Belgium, Denmark Finland, France, Iceland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherland, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Luxembourg, and Norway. All the countries mentioned above except Iceland and Norway are the members of European Union.

Before the introduction of Schengen agreement in 1995, travelers required applying separately for entry into each country.  The vast borders across the European countries have created congestion, and long delays have troubled both the businesses and travelers.

After the introduction of Schengen Visa, the infrastructure developed for the smooth passage of travelers is no more a hindrance for the visitors.

Apply for Schengen Visa

Non-Europeans willing to travel Europe must visit the consulate of the respective nation to which they want to move first and get a common Schengen Visa application that permits you to travel 15 countries of the Europe.

Even after obtaining the Schengen Visa, it is necessary for the visitors to carry identification documents. Some countries maintain customs control in the borders. These measures are to prohibit the illegal flow, and it has nothing to do the Schengen Visa. Visitors have to go through the usual check; it will not hinder your travel at any stage.

Meta data: Schengen Visa permits entry into 15 countries for the travelers. This single entry system through Schengen Visa has benefited business travelers and visitors reducing the burden of multiple entries with multiple Visas.

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