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Skilled workers who are looking forward to work in Australia will be delighted looking at the recent figures which unveils the bounce back of employment rate in October.

The Australian bureau of statistics evaluates there was rise in the employment in October by 24,100 when compared to the previous month which was 23,700.

The participation of labor force increased in October by 0.1 percent to 64.6 percent points. Inclusive of the number of employed people which has increased to 11,592,200 consumed by the increase in the full time employment for males up to 7,300 and females up to 26,100.

This was slightly neutralized by the decreased part time employment which was 9,400 to 3,533,700. The ABS adjusted the monthly working hours in October to 1,614.4 million hours. The adjustment of number of unemployed people increased in October to 772,100 from 7,100.

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