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OpulentusOpulentus visa consultancy has been creating waves in the world of immigration for more than a decade. Regarded as the best in the industry, it handles the needs of its clients in a professional way, while giving it a personal touch. Its global presence adds to its highlights.

Whenever we think of visa processing, we get perplexed because different countries have varied set of formalities, documentation process and rules to be followed. At Opulentus(http://www.opulentuz.com/), we provide you with world-class services and products that make it possible for you to migrate abroad to the country for your choice. Our success rate at handling visas with high positive outcome has made us a name of repute among the common man.

Apart from handling your visa formalities, Opulentus has a number of services to offer which includes trustworthy post landing services. This service will take your worries regarding pick up, accommodation and dispatch of extra cargo from your home country. The different types of visas for various countries like the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Denmark, to name a few include student visa, temporary visa, dependent visa, skilled visa, tourist visa and a host of many others. Our handling charges are affordable, making it a favorite choice among many.

Instead of running from pillar to post, just come to Opulentus and cast all your burdens on us. Help us to assist you by choosing us. The team at Opulentus and every Case Officer here are highly professional in their approach towards their work. Not only do we take care of the formalities, but also keep you abreast with your visa status from time to time. We believe in client service and take each new case with a different approach. So, be it a leisure trip, educational reasons or work purpose, opt for Opulentus today.

75 thoughts on “Opulentus: The gateway to your dreams!

  1. Yashpal

    My special thanks to my case officer who assisted me through every phase of my Canada student process. I am thankful to you for such helpful service.

  2. Pooja

    I am planning to apply for Canada permit. Will Opulentus provide support regarding the full immigration process?

  3. Chetna

    I have a dream of pursuing my higher education in a nation that has top ranked universities who offer best education in diverse courses. Will your firm aid me out in that process?

  4. Vijeta

    My itinerary with the specialized migration consultants of Opulentus was awesome. I am happy with their trustworthy services.

  5. Sangeeta

    I want to apply for Canada immigration through the new expedited Express Entry scheme. However, I do not possess all the necessary information in this regard. Can team Opulentus help me in my endeavor?

  6. Mayur

    Although I have visited quite a few places abroad, I have never been to Italy. I would like to visit this beautiful historical country and visit all the places of interest. Can Opulentus help me in this regard?

  7. Abdullah

    I am looking out for the best visa consultancy in the business of immigration. I have come across many names but their reputation isn’t up to the mark. I have also come to know about Opulentus. Is it really the best in the world of immigration?

  8. Sushil

    I am passionate about getting settled in a country that has multi-ethnic people and, wide-range of career and job prospects. Can your firm please assist me with the best visa class that would be helpful for me?

  9. Gurvir nath

    As I am a Canadian citizen living away from my country and family, I would now like to bring my spouse here under the Canada family immigration or family visa. However, I am ignorant about the entire procedure. Can Opulentus consultants be useful to me by providing apt information?

  10. Vijay

    Need assistance with regards to Canada Express Entry. Please provide some details like how system works, what is the eligibility criteria and so on. Please provide me details as soon as possible.

  11. Sandeep

    It has been a since quite a while ago treasured dream to visit the authentic nation of Italy. I might want to visit all the world-renowned visitor puts in that nation. Will Opulentus visa consultancy guide me in the visit visa process?

  12. Abhimanyu

    I want to apply for Canada study permit. Will you please provide me information about the requirements and application procedure? hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Chandan kumar

      In order to work in US you need have a US H1-B visa. However, an employer sponsorship is required to apply for H1-B visa.

    1. Deepak

      The requirements include proof of admission letter from a concerned German university, sufficient funds and valid passport.

  13. Apurv

    I am very happy that I approached Opulentus visa consultancy for processing my visa application. They have done a great job.

  14. Vivek

    What are the minimum credentials that an overseas skilled applicant must possess to file an application into Express Entry Pool?

    1. Sachin

      As per my knowledge each individual is allotted few points for age, English language proficiency, educational qualification, adaptability and many others.

    1. Sujeet

      The EU Blue card is a work permit allotted to non-EU nationals which allows them to work and live in any EU country except Denmark, UK and Ireland.

  15. Himanshu

    I want to immigrate to Quebec. I came to know that I have to obtain Quebec Selection Certificate? What is it?

    1. Yashwant

      Hai, Quebec Selection Certificate permits you to enter the country and settle in Quebec. Applicants of permanent residency must get a Quebec Selection Certificate.

  16. Indu

    Opulentus is the leading immigration consultancy. They assisted me very well in the Australia 457 visa process. Under their guidance I got my visa within a short period of time.

    1. admin

      Hi Indu,

      We are very glad for sharing your thoughts ,this is always proud moment for us,at every single time our client get benefited because of us.You guys are always supporting pillars for Opulentus.

    1. Abhijith

      Following are the prerequisites for obtaining a US student visa:-
      • Proficiency in English language along with scores for GRE, IELTS, etc
      • Sufficient funds to support oneself
      • Obtained letter of admission from the concerned university
      • Meet the health requirements

    1. Priyank

      If an US employer sponsors you to work in his/her company on temporary basis, then you can apply for the H-1 B visa.

  17. Shankar

    From the day one of my application lodging the way the immigration consultants of Opulentus have assisted me was quite different from the way the others have given. I heartily appreciate their best in industry visa services.

    1. Jeevani

      To Get Student Visa: You need to submit online or offline application to Embassy, you also need to show university approval certificate to consular.

    2. Simen

      The consular officer will independently take into concern your whole profile. The profile compromise: Academic Qualifications, Financial Capabilities and Ones intentions If the consular officer is sure about all three, only then he may allow you the visa.

  18. Harika

    I received an Email template regarding Overseas Career Opportunities – I just filled it and sent. After sometime I got call from Opulentus regarding migration to abroad. Everything was fine and we are really happy. Thank You!

  19. Henry

    I had many trouble while getting my Denmark Visa – But unconditionally Opulentus helped me a lot in getting my visa. Thank You

  20. Jitendra

    I’m thinking to move to Australia for perusing higher education – am I correct with my decision rather picking going for US?

  21. pushpa

    “Above all else I express gratitude toward Opulentus Austria group for giving me constant backing and direction the distance. The way the cooperation and give help for the clients was viable and productive.


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